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We have been selectively breeding Purebred Nubians for 18 years.  Our aspiration is the attainment of a well balanced dairy goat which can maintain a strong healthy body while achieving excellent milk production. We have improved each year towards this goal.

Laffalot Farm Nubians are tested monthly [DHIR].  Their results may obtained from the USDA's Doe/Buck Evaluations website.   We immunize all caprines with 8-way Chlostridia and against respiratory diseases.  We are under strict CAEV prevention management, and have not had visible illness or positive test [AGID] for 12 years.  We have had no Johne's, sore mouth or other caprine illnesses.   Our kids are  raised on Colostrx & pasturized milk.  They are isolated from mature goats, despite our history of negative disease testing. Results of AGDA testing & goat video are available at the farm, visitors are always welcome!

We offer package discounts to breeders, 4-H and FFA members.  Email us with pricing inquiries.

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